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April 3, 2024 

Your support means the world to us.

This year’s goal is to give books to kids and teens in Spokane County to kick off summer reading at SCLD. Each youth who registers for summer reading will receive a new book of their very own that they can keep. 

To achieve this, the Foundation has set a goal of $5,000 for Library Giving Day. 

Reading is an important skill that is used throughout life that can improve focus, memory, learning, empathy, and communication skills. 

The Summer Reading Program at SCLD encourages kids to maintain or improve their reading skills during summer, helping to ensure that they are ready to learn and not having to regain forgotten skills when returning to school in the fall.  

Over 900 youth registered for summer reading in 2023. 

The Library Foundation has taken on the mission to give well-suited, reading-level books to every kid and teen who registers for summer reading in 2024. 

Your donation to Library Giving Day goes directly to covering the costs of providing books to kids this summer. 

If you’re passionate about reading, share this cause on social media to help spread the word, using the hashtags #SupportSCLD #LibraryGivingDay and linking to supportscld.org/library-giving-day.  

Library Giving Day is a one-day fundraising event with the goal of encouraging people to donate to their library. And in turn, that support will go toward the incredible programs, services, and materials provided by the library.  

If you would like to donate via cash or check, please mail it to:

Library Foundation of Spokane County
4322 N Argonne Rd
Spokane, WA 99212

For other ways to give, please contact us at foundation@scld.org or call 509.893.8200.