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Spokane Valley Library Campaign

Building a community where we can learn, work, create, and thrive together

The library is the cornerstone of civic pride and essential to a healthy, vibrant community. More than just books and computers, libraries are an investment in our community’s future generations of thinkers, doers, and leaders. The new Spokane Valley Library is designed to be an efficient, comfortable, multi-purpose facility.

Located next to the expanded Balfour Park, residents of all ages will find inspiration and connection. Flexible meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and current technology will be available to the public at no charge, creating a business center that spurs economic development.

Join the Campaign

Private sector donations given toward our goal of $1 million will enhance construction amenities as well as provide space for public art and other similarly prominent features.

For 67 years, Spokane Valley Library has served generations with high-quality programs, resources, and services. During that time, Spokane Valley’s population has grown from 40,000 to over 100,000.

As the oldest library building in the county system, Spokane Valley Library served over 272,000 visitors in 2019, including the more than 19,000 attendees to 840 educational library programs.

The new Spokane Valley Library will be located at the corner of Sprague Avenue and Herald Road with an anticipated grand opening in 2023. With the library attracting large numbers of people, this location will create economic opportunities for existing area businesses and will attract new business.

The City of Spokane Valley plans to expand the nearby Balfour Park, developing a library-park campus. This library-park combination across the street from city hall will become the next pillar in an emerging civic center and multi-generational community gathering space in Spokane Valley.

Private sector donations given toward our goal of $1 million will enhance construction to create and furnish:

  • A large, flexible community room with multimedia capabilities for up to 200 people
  • An outdoor patio with access to the community room
  • An audio-visual recording studio
  • Four smaller conference rooms
  • Space for public art and/or notable amenities

All contributions are valued, no matter the size.

Private funding offers naming opportunities and prominent recognition while creating an impactful legacy that benefits the people we care about in the place we care about—Spokane Valley.

For questions about private sector donations, please contact Jill-Lynn Nunemaker by email at jnunemaker@scld.org or by phone at 509.893.8200.